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Devatithi saw a massive 27x Revenue Growth with Paid Advertising and Social Media Marketing!


Devatithi, an eCommerce platform that deals in Indian Ethnic Wear for women, wanted to build brand awareness, reputation and drive sales and revenue growth.

Merlin offered its Social Media Marketing services which included paid advertising and social media management to the client.

After one year, Merlin was able to deliver 27X revenue growth, 80,000+ average monthly traffic and an average ROAS of 8.

ABout the


Devatithi is an eCommerce platform that exclusively deals in Indian Ethnic Wear for women. Founded in 2020 by a young entrepreneur, Devatithi’s vision is to attain and consolidate the top spot in the Indian Ethnic Wear e-commerce space.


As stated earlier, Devatithi had just begun its journey in the Indian Ethnic Wear e-commerce space. While Devatithi had a strong entrepreneurial sense and business model, it lacked the required expertise to market the brand on digital platforms

Devatithi wanted to reach as many people as possible and get their target audience to know and recognize them while at the same time, driving sales and revenue growth. Quite a classic set of eCommerce client requirements!

Thus, recognizing Merlin’s expertise and capabilities, the client reached out and requested our marketing services.

How did We help?

As per our experience, it was clear in terms of what needed to be done to achieve the
core marketing objectives for Devatithi. After a brief discussion and brainstorming
with the client, I offered them Social Media Marketing service along with Paid
Advertisements and Promotions. Here’s how we formulated the strategy.

services offered:

Social Media

The Indian Ethnic Wear eCommerce space is highly competitive. Thus, reaching your target audience is quite a task. We created a buyer persona and crafted a social media marketing strategy based on the same.

The two objectives here were to maximize brand exposure and use content and CTAs tactically to drive sales and revenue growth.

As part of our social media marketing efforts, we hosted giveaways and conducted contests to appear more active and appealing to target customers.


The client needed to boost sales and revenue growth quickly. To deliver on this requirement we opted for paid advertisements to give the social media marketing efforts a much-needed boost during the initial months.

We used the same buyer persona to run a Facebook Ads campaign and promoted the best-performing social media posts for better reach.

Eventually, we managed to build a steady and substantial social media reach among the target audience.

The Results

We carried out the social media marketing operations aided by paid ads and promotions and here are the results we delivered.
✅ 27x Revenue
✅ 80,000+ Average Traffic
✅ ROAS of 8
✅ 7,475% Increase in orders

27X Revenue

During the first 3 months of its operations, Devatithi managed to generate an average revenue of Rs. 6000 per month.

After Merlin took over the Social Media Marketing operations, Devatithi registered a 27X growth in terms of revenue and 6X growth in terms of sales.

Devatithi has generated average revenue of Rs. 162,000 from May to December 2021.

80,000+ Average Website Traffic

With Merlin heading the Social Media Marketing Operations, Devatithi has witnessed substantial growth in terms of organic reach. Especially among the target audience.

The accuracy of the buyer persona is evident from the revenue growth. Moreover, 15% of the customers are returning customers.

Additionally, we’ve also delivered 2X growth in conversions, 15X growth in sessions, and 2X growth in average order value.


Hear from the client himself!

Abhishek Gundecha, Founder

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