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Organic Traffic Growth

A B2B SaaS brand registered 7x growth in organic traffic 
using digital PR and link building.


A social media analytics platform, wanted to grow their organic traffic, increase brand awareness, and build brand reputation.

Merlin offered its Digital PR and link-building services to the client and ran the two campaigns. These campaigns generated 7x growth in organic traffic and 300+ relevant and high-quality backlinks.

The client’s domain rating grew to DR 67 due to Merlin’s efforts.

ABout the


The client is an industry-leading social media analytics platform for marketers and advertisers. They have a significant global presence with offices in Silicon Valley, Brisbane, and Wollongong.


Like every startup, the client wanted to establish its presence online and grow organic traffic to its website. The aim here was to build brand awareness and convert the target audience gained through organic traffic.

However, the client was facing difficulty in building steady and growing organic traffic. They lacked in content strategy and link building which was not enough for them to rank at the top in SERPs for their desired keywords.

When the client realized they needed to hire an expert, they reached out to Merlin.

How did We help?

During the initial meeting, we understood what the client’s core requirements
were. Additionally, we suggested working on building a brand reputation as well.
The client found the suggestion helpful and we proceeded ahead. After a
productive brainstorming session, Merlin’s Digital PR and link-building services
turned out to be the best fit for client requirements.

services offered:



Primarily, link building served the purpose of acquiring high-quality backlinks from relevant websites. This would enable the client to grow their Domain Rating and heighten their chances of organically ranking for their desired keywords in SERPs.

Additionally, the backlinks would be acquired only from relevant pieces of content where the anchor would fit naturally. This would drive additional referral traffic to their website.



With Digital PR, the two primary objectives were to build brand awareness and brand reputation. For that, we decided to create listicles that mentioned the client alongside other leading social media tools.

Merlin has strong ties with many reputed online business and marketing publications. Getting these listicles published on such blogs would grant client the needed brand awareness and build its reputation.

The Results

7X Growth in Organic Traffic

Before we started, the client’s website received less than 500 visitors a month through organic traffic. By the time we wrapped up the campaigns, the client website was generating traffic of 5000+ visitors each month.

That’s a staggering return of 471% in a single campaign!

Acquired 300+ high-quality backlinks

Using the best link-building strategies, Merlin was able to acquire 300+ high-quality, relevant, and natural-fit backlinks for the client. The client website now has a DR of 60+ and has superior chances of ranking for their desired keywords.

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