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Organic Traffic Growth

A B2B Lead Generation Agency grew it’s organic traffic 
by 98% in 10 months.


The client, a reputed B2B marketing firm, wanted to rank for top B2B marketing money keywords and compete with Gartner, HubSpot, Salesforce, etc.

Merlin offered its content marketing, link building, and SEO consultation services to the client. Within one year of availing of these services, the client ranked in the top 10 for multiple commercial keywords.

B2B firms are driven by results and the client expected the same from our service. We succeeded in acquiring 500+ backlinks from relevant sources and achieve a traffic growth of about 98% within a year.

ABout the


B2B Lead Generation Agency, based in San Francisco, California, is a lead generation company that provides end-to-end sales enablement services from database management to appointment setting.

They primarily cater to Enterprise and Technology companies and help them improve the ROI on marketing spend.


The client is an industry regular and enjoys a good reputation. However, they were unable to generate a marketing ROI in line with their expectations.

The client wanted to boost marketing ROI via a higher domain rank, growing organic traffic, and ranking in the top 10 for industry-specific money keywords. Additionally, the client was also expecting to secure branding via listicles and brand mentions.

The client decided to outsource these marketing efforts to a result-oriented digital marketing firm.

How did We help?

After thoroughly understanding the client’s requirements, we conducted content
scouting and an SEO audit to find out what exactly was needed. After we were done
researching, we informed the client about the findings and proposed a strategy.

services offered:



The client had many articles published on their blog. However, they were not well optimized in terms of meta descriptions, meta tags, alt text for images, etc.

We surveyed all articles thoroughly and optimized the ones in need. We even provided fresh graphics, improved readability, added effective CTA, etc.

The articles were also updated in terms of the facts, statistics, figures, and graphs that were cited in the articles.


High-quality long-form content is more than capable enough to rank by itself and generate good traffic. However, the client wanted no stone left unturned in the pursuit of their business objectives.

Thus, we sourced high-quality backlinks from relevant pieces of content and websites that were a natural fit for the subject matter.

These efforts did make a difference in the ranks of the domain and articles alike.


Merlin specializes in SEO-led Content Marketing and creating long-form content pieces in line with Google’s E-A-T framework.

The next step in the process was to produce relevant and high-quality SEO-led content. These pieces of long-form content were tactically structured to answer multiple queries.

By covering multiple queries thoroughly, these content pieces showcased high levels of authority and matched the search intents of the client’s ICP.

The Results

Besides the readers having fun reading the content here’s what we delivered.

Ranked in the top 10 for more than 10 important commercial keywords.

Showcasing our expertise in terms of SEO-led content, we managed to get the client a staggering 98% increase in organic traffic and acquire 500+ backlinks.

500+ backlinks 2x DR

The SEO-led content strategy and niche-relevant backlinks resulted in 98% growth in organic traffic.

While most of the new backlinks were sourced, a lot of the content we produced got cited naturally. Together they doubled the number of backlinks.

Increase in AHREFS Domain Rank

Our SEO, content marketing, and link-building efforts combined resulted in the client’s domain attaining a rank of #673 in the AHREFS Global Domain Ranking.

The focus was always on driving revenue growth and maximizing return on marketing investment. Higher SERP rankings & domain rating, high-quality content that converts and stronger branding resulted in a massive 98% growth in organic traffic

The client now competes on equal grounds with top B2B marketing companies globally.

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