Yash Chawlani

Make your marketing journey a magical one with Merlin

Hola, I’m Yash Chawlani the face behind Merlin’s Sorcery. It was the start of 2020, by then I had been employed as a Digital Marketing Strategist for a couple of years. I was living the typical corporate life, meetings, deadlines, slew of emails, and everything. Weekends were spent binge-watching TV shows and outings had become rare. Things seemed well and the earnings were good too. Only problem was that I didn’t feel like I was fulfilling my life’s purpose or doing justice to my work potential.

Adding fuel to the fire came in the COVID-19 pandemic. Locked inside for months, working from home, I had plenty of time to think things over. Amidst all the uncertainties mankind was pushed into, I decided to resign from my job and make a new start as humanity was at its lowest point. That’s how it happened, how Merlin Marketing came into existence. A solution to all Digital Market requirements, a magical potion brewed freshly right in the turmoil of a global pandemic.

No longer shackled by Corporate limitations, I believe I can fully realise my potential as a freelancer and better cater to the marketing requirements of the millennial generation.

Merlin’s Magical Spells Include

The boomers have doomed us and the only way out of the mess they’ve created is to work hard and together. Merlin Marketing; digital services by a millennial for the millennials and upcoming generations!

Also, if you haven’t yet figured out where the name ‘Merlin’ came to my mind from, it was the series Merlin that I binge watched. 🧙🏻‍♂️😛

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